We transform how people generate big ideas and build digital solutions.

Dynamic Mind

  • Focus

    Dynamic Mind is a full service digital agency, strategically solving complex client challenges, with a strong focus in development of Mobile Applications, VR, Games and Fintech.

  • Accelerate

    We strategize, design, build, maintain, measure and evolve business applications to provide agile turn-key solutions that will accelerate your business.

  • Exceed

    We are always focused on exceeding our Clients’ expectations.

  • What we do

    Dynamic Mind unleashes the power of your organizations core expertise and values. With over a decade of industry know-how, combining traditional experience with industry-leading capabilities and infrastructure, we have the passion and power to reshape your environment.

    Delivering a series of breakthroughs since 2011 in the FinTech space, including the development of award-winning consumer facing Mobile Apps.

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  • Our approach

    Enterprises and start-ups rely on our many years of experience and agile methodology for development.

    Together we solve real problems and launch market-proven, innovative products that have the power to transform.

    Because we work collaboratively with your team you learn cutting-edge technology and best practices. The knowledge you absorb while working with Dynamic Mind is just as valuable as the product itself.

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How we do it

We are agile to the core and lean in practice. Innovative ideas excite us. Cutting-edge technologies fuel us. We break down the silos of knowledge and embed members of your team within our own to create a high-energy, fully-transparent partnership.

Whether you have a product you want to build and deploy quickly, or you have a team that wants to learn a new way to build software, We can help.

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  • Development
  • Our bread and butter

    We develop superior products, together, using our proven methodology and the most powerful innovation platforms:

    • Web & Mobile

    • E-commerce

    • Gamification

    • VR

    • Fintech

    • Big Data

    • E-learning

    • Strategy and Market Planning

SMB Solutions and the Silver Lining

We take an optimistic approach to find budget friendly digital solutions for small and medium business needs.

Don’t have in-house expertise? That's the silver lining. We’re here to walk you through the process, keep you in budget and on time. We work backwards from your budget to scale according to your appetite. Curating custom solutions that match your needs.

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  • Award winning, forward thinking

    Dynamic Mind has been delivering a series of breakthroughs since 2002 in the digital space, including the development of award-winning consumer facing Mobile and Fintech Apps.

    • BigApp Inc.
    • QBS/ERP
    • Big App Inc
    • QBS

Our clients

Enterprises across industries are turning to Dynamic Mind to Transform the way they build and release products, drive decisions, and interact with customers. Learn more about how leaders in media, entertainment as well as innovators in financial services, and healthcare are using our solutions to gain a strategic advantage.

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Whirlpool
  • Smart
  • Home Depot
  • UFCW
  • Japan Tobacco Incorporated
  • American Express
  • Oster
  • Flexiti
  • Prosegur
  • Public Mobile
  • Toviaz
  • Ontario Nurses Association
  • Sapient
  • Anomaly
  • TC Media
  • Bravo
  • Bravo

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